Was ‘bringing back black money’ a publicity stunt?

In the recent financial bill, the cap on political funding has been removed and companies will also be able to keep the name of political parties they funded confidential in their accounts. Previously, companies were allowed to donate a maximum of 7.5 % of their net profit to political parties, now this has been removed, …

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Mob Attacks in India: Myth and Reality

Mob violence or mob attacks seem to be increasing with every month in India. More than ever these kinds of incidents are in news every week. Recently, a number of hospitals and doctors were attacked by mobs and it is continuing. Mob attacks by Kashmiri youths or cow protection groups attacking people every now and …

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Whose version of development ?

Yogi Adityanath has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh by BJP because he is the best candidate available in the state.  But best for what? Whose version of best? And what is best? He is that kind of person whose controversy lists are way longer than his achievements. He has been accused …

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