Welcome to my blog.

I am here to write about issues that are close to my heart, may it be social, political, economic, environment and sustainability.

There are issues around us which cannot have a single interpretation. There are always different perspectives to it. Here, I try hard to remain as neutral as possible and suppress my simplistic beliefs and analyse issues from an open-minded and critical perspective.

I want to explore beyond what makes me feel good to what is right and better for humanity in general. My writing might put you in an uncomfortable chair.

I strongly believe that all my senses have limitations, therefore my point of view will also have limitations. Sometimes I may be wrong completely or may also be right.

I try hard to present my views with fairmindedness and intellectual integrity.

You may agree or disagree. Please have your say but be constructive.

Thank you.

If you want to see my other blog, please visit: https://abinashbiswal.wordpress.com/